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Standardized consumables - just in time - delivered on pallets!

Traditional business. Digital!

Our products have been partly used for as long as anyone can remember. We trade with solid fuels, garden and building, and animal straw scatter products. However, their allocation in a division of labor, specialized society is not efficient.

We task ourselves with bundling up innovations of informational and communicative technologies, commerce and transportation, in order to digitalize the optimal distribution of our products.

Proven Quality.

Our products seem to be so trivial and common in product quality, packaging and service as quickly the wheat separates from the chaff.

A standardized, consistent quality of product and packaging are absolute requirements for our quality promise.

Customer service is one of our core competences to emphasize which we provide with a smooth delivery and personal contact.

Customer satisfaction. Sustainable!

Our products arrive sustainably, easy and cost efficient there where they are needed – to the end consumer.

The satisfaction of our customers is therefore our top priority. And because we want to make the world a little bit better, we are closely connected to both the environment and the needs of our customers.

We not only convey awareness of the protection of our nature, we also live it.


The management of 3NRG GmbH

3NRG GmbH | CEO Robert Gnauck

Robert Gnauck | 
Head executive director of 3NRG GmbH

Robert Gnauck, born in 1982, founded 3NRG GmbH on February 15th, 2013.

After successfully completing his studies at the energy group RWE in London, where he had worked as an independent project developer in the field of renewable energies, the idea sparked to bring natural products to the end consumer as quickly and specifically as possible. That was when 3NRG GmbH was born, at that time still shipping raw materials.

Strong brands

From wood briquettes and wood pellets to natural products for gardening or straw scatter for horses. Our portfolio covers a wide range of products that we can deliver on pallets. And new ones are constantly being added. Each product segment has its own brand with a high recognition value. Over 100 active producers ensure availability all year round. A standardized product quality also guarantees sustainable customer satisfaction.

Business address 

Säuritzer Straße West 1a
01906 Burkau


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Tel: +49 35953 291590

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