Are you a freight forwarder?

The efficient control of the flow of goods as well as high planning security and flexibility are the markable signs of perfect logistics. In addition to the factors of inventory minimization, transport duration and degree of reliability, economic success in trade and economy is increasingly determined by the willingness and flexibility to deliver.

Goods shipping. National.

Our customers rely on the fact that the ordered goods arrive at their home on a defined day. With our partners we ensure the binding delivery of the goods on the desired date.

In our trade, we offer classic transport services for our customers and strive to expand them continuously. An integral part is the delivery and unloading to the curbstone edge.

In the future, we want to expand our service to include the storage or delivery of goods at the customer's site.

Full loads.

We develop the best possible solutions to move quality-checked goods reliably, safely and quickly on pallets through Europe. We, but above all our customers, should use the fastest land transport network in Europe with you as a partner and benefit from the outstanding reliability.

In coordination with our producers and customers, 3NRG GmbH sees itself as a link and offers additional options for the smooth transport of general goods on pallets on fixed dates with delivery information.

Sea freight.

 In order to complete optimally the logistics network, we link sea freight as a potential component almost seamlessly with land transport.

We create not only added value for the customer because we are able to guarantee the availability of goods reliably, efficiently and to the highest standard, but we are also a competitive and price-oriented partner in German-speaking countries.


Our warehouse logistics

3NRG GmbH has set up a system where goods "rotate" daily and continuously and only stay in the arrival warehouse for a few days. It offers not only you an enormous economic advantage. As a result, we can always keep a safe inventory and plan optimally.  
 A sophisticated workflow, staffed with the trust and knowledge of the reliability of our partners in terms of delivery security and transport times make such an enormous transfer possible. Become a part of this chain with us!


 If you are a freight forwarding or logistics company and specialize in moving general goods and palletized goods, please contact us.

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