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We are full of energy and passion for our products, which have to do with living and working with natural materials and raw materials. We would like to share this passion and are involved in promoting young athletes and in social projects.

Promotion of young people and social commitment

3NRG GmbH | Racing-Team Freudenberg

Promotion of young talent
in racing

The racing team Freudenberg from Bischofswerda has been supporting the youth work in motorcycle racing with a lot of passion and commitment for more than 20 years. With Heizfuxx, a brand of 3NRG GmbH, we support the racing team Freudenberg as an official sponsor and make a significant contribution to promoting talent.

3NRG GmbH | STROY Marvin Jüngel Springreiter

Promotion of young people
in riding sports

Being just 18 years old, Marvin Jüngle is one of the youngest, most successful riding jumpers in Germany. He carries home victory after victory and has already been one of the elite Saxon riding jumpers. He already has 10 tournament horses to groom and care for every day. This is where we come in with the STROY brand.

3NRG GmbH | fairHOLZ Kloster St. Marienstern

Social project

We feel obliged to stand up for nature, its products and the people behind it. We have launched a social project specifically for this purpose, with the help of which we are strengthening targeted job offers and individual jobs for self-fulfillment, satisfaction and recognition of socially disadvantaged people.

Portrait team Freudenberg

Michael Freudenberg started his racing career in 1974 with a 250cc homemade kart. In the GDR it was not easy to get competitive material at the time, therefore a lot of initiative and fighting spirit was always required. After the reunification in 1989, the professional development was in the foreground and after long considerations the driving school Freudenberg was founded. The enthusiasm for motorcycle racing was never lost and so Michael Freudenberg founded his own racing team in 1996. His biggest goal is and will always be to prepare young talents as well as possible on their way to the top of the world in motorsport.

Portrait of Marvin Jüngel

   Marvin Jüngel is the rising star in the riding sport sky. His talent in riding sport was practically in his cradle. Because on the domestic horse farm he grew up not only next to horses but also developed a flair for the animals. His parents encouraged him to pursue a professional career and should have been right. As the youngest tournament participant, he places his competitors in the class up to 23 years in shadow. His coach Phillip Schober made this straight start possible. Marvin has already started with ten horses and brought them together with the trainer to such a high level that he achieved a strong tenth place among the professionals at an international tournament in Neustadt / Dosse. His goals for 2019 are to be nominated for the Junior European Championship and start with his young horses at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf. 

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