Are you a producer of natural products?

As a manufacturer, you are careful to optimize the quality of your products and, above all, to place them on the market constantly and predictably all year round. Use our expertise from efficient logistics infrastructure, automated work processes, professional marketing and first-class customer service for your product.

Profitable production. Constant!

As a producer of consumer goods, direct sales is an immense time and cost factor. Sales are usually only economical in large quantities.

In addition to the high quality that we want to ensure, optimized and target-group-oriented sales are particularly effective. For an efficient supply chain to the end consumer, if possible without intermediate storage, it is very complicated for the producer to implement it solely.

With 3NRG you benefit from constant sales of your products. With us you can concentrate on your core competence, the production of quality products.

Exclusive marketing. Fast!

The know-how for an effective and profitable marketing requires higher investments and experience.

3NRG uses centralized IT solutions for efficient communication of all relevant information, such as delivery documents, tracking, pricing and controlling.

We market your products within our strong own brands as an exclusive brand or as a selected white label product. Escape the constraints of the wholesale business and reach thousands of end customers DIRECTLY online and without detours.


Quality Service. Attractive!

 The best possible customer service increases sales. It is possible by direct customer communication and the fastest possible delivery of products of consistent quality.

A network of partners leads to an improved control of the supply chain with high planning security and flexibility for you as a producer.

The 3NRG guarantees a perfect synergy with business partners and customers, because you deliver top quality and we deliver the right service to the customer!


Brands’ diversity

3NRG has specialized in the delivery of natural products on pallets. It means that before the market launch, it is carefully tested and checked whether a product is made from natural raw materials and without chemical additives. The range for consumer goods is currently divided into solid fuels, garden products and the animal straw scatter segment.


 If you are a manufacturer of natural solid fuel products, garden and building products or animal straw scatter products, then we should speak to each other.

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