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 In addition to the exquisite selection of our natural products, we have built up a portfolio of own brands with a lot of know-how and considering the market situation.

The high quality of our products should be reflected in the brands. Not only attention was given to a meaningful and emotionally memorable brand, but this was specifically implemented in the design of the packaging and in the entire presentation.

Here we also are more than aware of the fact that we have to act in an environmentally friendly manner and are constantly developing new concepts to improve sustainability, particularly in product packaging.

Products of 3NRG GmbH

3NRG GmbH | Marke Heizfuxx

For our solid fuels with the Heizfuxx® brand, we attach great importance to the naturalness and quality of each individual product. Important quality criteria are carefully and conscientiously checked by the 3NRG. 

Our product range
* Wood pellets
* Wooden briquettes (Nestro, RUF, PiniKay)
* Firewood / fireplace wood
* Brown- / hard coal, coke
* Peat briquettes 


3NRG GmbH | Marke Galamio

Galamio® products for gardening and building are also subject to different selection criteria due to their different properties. Every product is carefully checked to meet the standards set for us.

Our product range
* Bark mulch
* Wood chips
* Grounds
* Expanded clay
* Sand
* Fine grit, ornamental grit
* Paving / wall / curb stones
* Palisades 

3NRG GmbH | Marke STROY

Under STROY® brand for animal straw scatter lay the strictest controls, so that only pure natural substances may be used here. We put the greatest eye work on careful processing so that the product is harmless to the health of humans and animals.

Our product range
* Miscanthus pellets / granules
* Straw pellets / granules
* Lucerne pellets / granules

3NRG GmbH | Marke fairHOLZ

Behind the fairHOLZ® brand is a cooperation for socially disadvantaged people, who are to be reintroduced and integrated into the labor market in cooperation with 3NRG GmbH. The production of firewood, from the procurement of wood to processing into firewood and the provision on pallets, is therefore a social, fair and above all sustainable project where all involved parties, end customers, social institutions and the 3NRG benefit.

* Firewood / fireplace wood

We do something!

Protecting our environment not only brings the climate back into shape but you also feel good because you have done something for the next generation.

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