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'13 | 3NRG foundation of trading business

From the idea to the realization. 3NRG GmbH, which stands for energy and innovation, is founded on February 15, 2013. The first range is available for the direct sale of solid fuels and horticultural products in a shop with an area of ​​1000 m².

The team counts 3 employees over 3NRG.

'14 | 3NRG starts online trading

In addition to the daily business, the development of individual merchandise management begins in the local trade. The first quality standards for products are set and the first shop "rohstoffversand.de" goes online. It also starts the intensive shipping of general cargo deliveries to the end consumer, free curbside, within Germany.

≡ Award as "Best Saxon Business Concept"
(Lausitz Economic Initiative)

'15 | Conquering the online market

The range of solid fuels, garden and building products and seasonal items such as road salt or charcoal is listed on all leading online marketplaces.
A new main warehouse is being built at the Bischofswerda site to meet demand and secure delivery. 

≡ 3NRG receives the title "Best of IT & Logistics"
(Initiative Mittelstand)

≡ Award as „Innovative Company
(Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA))

'16 | branding 

3NRG is starting a re-branding of the online trade in order to convey clearly to the end consumer, it is about: "Paletts in motion!". The online sales branch "rohstoffversand.de" becomes "PALIGO®". Along with the re-branding, an extensive redesign of the online shop and sales platforms will be carried out. 

≡ PALIGO® is registered as a word and figurative mark at the patent office
≡ A new range for horse straw scatter is developed and introduced 
≡ PALIGO® becomes sponsor of the Freudenberg racing team
 Awarded as Ebay Powerseller
≡ Introduction of the Trustedshop certification

'17 | 3NRG quality assurance

To date, the market for natural products has hardly been characterized by reliable product quality. 3NRG therefore introduces quality criteria for goods uniform and the declaration on packaging at all production sites. Range-related own brands are developed for quality assurance.

≡ STROY® the brand for horse straw scatter 
≡ GALAMIO® the brand for garden and building products
≡ HEIZFUXX® the brand for solid fuels 

Cross-product marketing begins in the company's own corporate design.   

'18 | Europe is conquered

3NRG discover new production sites across Europe, thereby expanding its trading network. The first own branded products are produced and introduced for online trading.

Merchandise management will be more individual and optimized for internal processes and logistics.

The 3NRG team counts 10 employees now.

Own trade fair appearance with the STROY® brand at the partner horse in Leipzig. Presentation of the introduction of the brand and the underlying quality products with animal straw scatter.

'19 | 3NRG social responsibility

Revision of the concept of the 3NRG corporate design with conversion of the company website on the Internet. Expansion of the distribution structures for the wholesale through cooperation with building traders and DIY megastores.

Redesign and optimized concept for the online shop "paligo.de". 

Redesign of the STROY® brand. First presentation stand in a new look at riding sport tournaments. STROY® becomes a sponsor of Marvin Jüngel, a major riding jumper. 

Development and establishment of the "fairHolz" brand. There is a long-term project to support disadvantaged people and a fair, certified trade in wood. 

3NRG is expanding its team and already employs 18 people and trainees in customer service, procurement, sales, warehouse management as well as in accounting, IT and marketing.

'20 | Naturally environmentally conscious

Expansion of the Heizfuxx® own brand with the wood pellet product range. Three new products are established.

More paper - less plastic! Switching to paper as packaging material. Redesign of the Stroy® animal bedding products. Clear goal: to become more ecologically sustainable.

Optimization of the online shop www.paligo.de with improved user guidance and design.

3NRG is expanding its team to 22 employees in social media management, purchasing, sales, logistics as well as accounting, IT and marketing.

'22 | Laying the foundation stone

In July of that year, the foundation stone for a new company building with an adjacent transshipment hall was laid. The old office and storage rooms as well as the cash-and-carry store were no longer sufficient due to increasing customer demand, the growth of the company and therefore the number of employees.

With the PALIGO brand, 3NRG becomes Freudenberg's new sponsor partner. The motorsport team will be called: Freudenberg KTM Paligo Racing from the new 2023 season.

3NRG will expand its team to 28 employees by the end of the year.

'23 | Move to Burkau

In March of that year the move from Bischofswerda to the new company premises in Burkau took place. Up to 45 jobs have been created in administration, scheduling and warehouse logistics at the new location. By the beginning of April of the year, 3 new employees had been hired.

Business address 

Säuritzer Straße West 1a
01906 Burkau


E-Mail: info(at)3nrg.de
Tel: +49 35953 291590

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