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Our planet would look almost darkly without resource-saving commerce and renewable energy commodities. It is all of us task to join in the protection of our environment. It includes environmentally friendly heating and constant development of new technologies.

We only work with selected partners and suppliers together. Our in-house brand products, but also those that we sell in cooperation, come from certified companies, which pay attention to natural recycling and avoid environmentally harmful chemicals.

Environmental protection concerns us all

We want to reduce the negative effects on our environment by the gentle extraction and processing of raw materials, the improvement of the CO2 balance through more effective procurement and transport distribution, also at our own location, as well as by the rational use of packaging material.

We focus on reducing CO2 emissions by shortening the supply chains and on resource-conserving use of the most commonly used raw material, wood.

When selecting our external suppliers, we pay very close attention to environmentally friendly handling and the absolute absence of chemicals when processing the products. We attach great importance to the fact that neither tropical wood nor other inventories worth protection are removed from nature in order to minimize any impact on the environment and people.

The green lung of the earth

The wood from tropical rainforests has become a popular raw material because it is often particularly long preserved but, above all, cheap. This is the result of the low wages prevailing there and, unlike ours, the trees are not replanted but only cut down. This usually happens illegally.

All our suppliers are explicitly advised that we do not accept tropical wood in our products. Our main concern is therefore to sensitize producers, to manage them sustainably and to reforest trees taken from nature, which is guaranteed by the FSC or PEFC seal. We personally convince ourselves of this on site at the producer and have the corresponding certificate presented.

Raw materials should be as natural as possible be processed. Our concern is not only to offer our products of the best quality, but also the most environmentally friendly. Therefore, we attach great importance to processing of all products and fact that for them so little as possible energy is spent. 

Certifications for wood

Two certificates set strict rules in the management of forests. In the case of pure wood products in particular, we pay attention to these criteria during manufacture and processing and label products with the respective seal.


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)stands for the worldwide promotion of an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically capable management of forests.

With the wide range of wooden products of the brand Heizfuxx®, which bears the  FSC® label the consumer chooses a gentle dealing with forest resources. That helps to let the forests get preserved for the long term.

To ensure the sustainability of our products, we visit the manufacturers personally before the introduction of a product and check besides the origin of the raw materials also the production process.

Thereby we ensure that our manufacturers produce according to the legal guidelines that correspond to the quality of our products.

Source: FSC®


PEFC™ is the largest institution for ensuring and marketing sustainable forest management through an independent certification system.

Forest certification according to the standards of PEFC™ is based on the very strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. This management is controlled by competent and independent organizations.

If a wooden product bears the PEFC™ seal, then it means that the entire product production - from the raw material to the ready-to-use end product - is certified and checked by independent experts. The decision for a product with a PEFC seal is therefore lucky for the forest!

Source: PEFC

Norms and guidelines for wood pellets

With the introduction of the quality criteria for pellets in Europe (DIN EN 14961-2) and to achieve an international single standard, country-specific standards and the purely European standard were replaced by DIN EN ISO 17225-2. When selecting our producers, we therefore pay very close attention to compliance with these guidelines.

3NRG GmbH | ENplusA1

It is to be spoken here about a certificate which manufacturers and traders are allowed to carry as soon as the test criteria go beyond DIN EN ISO 17225-2 and apply since 2002. The ENplus seal combines strict and extensive quality assurance in the entire supply chain with the product requirements of DIN EN ISO 17225-2.

Source: German Pellet Institute

3NRG GmbH | DINplus

The quality standards according to DINplus, which was introduced in 2010 by the German Pellet Institute GmbH (DEPI), are included in the later developed total European standard EN 14961-2. The main feature of this standard is the inclusion of test criteria for the entire production and supply chain.

Source: TÜV Rheinland

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