3NRG is inovation for the future

We are revolutionizing communications, trade and logistics by digital networking


The 3NRG is the only provider in Germany that relies on direct, digital and short routes from the manufacturer to the end customer.

The key to success is long-term cooperation with partners that give the company the strength to set new standards for steady growth.

The 3NRG networks with exclusive brands and providers in the fields of solid fuels, garden and building products, and animal straw scatter by acting as an exclusive trader.

The 3NRG participates in start-up business and offers support in the establishment of digital industries and the integration of innovative ideas and concepts.


Highly motivated and excellent teams transform a company again and again and create new perspectives in the space. It is important to show new ways and to implement them effectively.

Innovative ideas thus ensure permanent transformation in the company and transfer it into daily work life. Thanks to digitization, we can always access the latest tools and technologies, and take online trading to a new level.

New job places are created and they shape the teamwork. In this way, we bring more freedom for each individual, more creativity and more space for thinking into the everyday work of the 3NRG.


Business address 

Drebnitzer Weg 4
01877 Bischofswerda


E-Mail: info(at)3nrg.de
Tel: +49 (0) 3594 719 14 11

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